Services at a Glance

  • Book borrowing & return
  • Library membership information
  • Library clearance
  • Library fine payment
  • Lost book payment
  • Overall library-related information
  • OPAC facility
  • E-Resources retrieval facility
  • CAS of newly acquired book and other resources.
  • Reference / Information service
  • Email & SMS alert service
  • Reading facilities
  • Book issue facilities for long & short time.
  • Access to eBook and eJournals
  • AVM issue facilities
  • Photocopy services
  • Browsing & printing facilities through cyber centre
  • Wi-Fi service
  • Reading facilities of thesis paper, journal, magazine and newspaper
  • Plagiarism checking facilities
  • Grammarly checking facilities
  • Paraphrasing checking facilities

Circulation Desk Help-line | Intercom: 1209

Borrowing Policy

  1. Officers and other members (only pre-nominated ones) of their families may borrow books. Only English and Bengali fictions/books on hobbies and children books not more than 2 at a time will be issued to the readers for a maximum period of 7 (seven) days.

  2. All permanent staffs (first class officers only), instructors and students may borrow books by filling up the Online Membership Card shown at Annex A and B. However 2nd class officers involved with practical classes (Lab and Workshop) may be issued with maximum two (02) books on the recommendation of concerned department /wing.

  3. The library will maintain the Individual Borrowers Cards by the Library Management System (LMS) shown at Annex C for record of issue. Library Card shown at Annex D will be issued to every member, which will be used for issue/receipt of books/reading materials. This card will be considered as an identity card of the members of the library.

Loan Policy

  1. Loan Issue of Textbooks: Textbooks/précis may be issued on loan to the students/instructors for the whole duration of each term. After completion of each term, books are to be returned. Minimum 1/2copies of every title of books can be reserved in MIST Central Library.

  2. Loan Issue of Books other Than Textbooks:
    1. New books will not be issued before those are classified/ catalogued (LMS database).

    2. Normally not more than 5 books are issued at a time. The normal loan period for books is 30 days. Reference books will be preserved unlimited as per as it is feasible. The students/teachers in any discipline may borrow any number of books as per their requirement for whole term/semesters.

    3. Members are required to see for each book borrowed on the book issued by the library staff.

    4. Books are liable to be withdrawn before the date if required for any special purpose.

    5. When a student or permanent staffs leaves MIST permanently, he/she will be required to take clearance certificate from Assistant Librarian and Librarian.

    6. All books will be issued through a prescribed library management system (LMS) of MIST central library.

    7. If the authority feels the necessity of deposing books/publication in the library, an individual borrower has to deposit issued books/publications immediately.

Online Resources

  1. Return of Books: Books, which are to be returned, will be handed over to the Library Attendant/Assistant of the library who will receive the book accordingly. It will be the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that the book returned by him/her is recorded on the Library Management System (LMS).

  2. Books Overdue: If books are not returned in time, fine @ TK: 5.00 (five) per day per book (including holidays) will be charged from the individual concerned.

  3. Reservations: If a member requires a book, which is already issued, he/she should have a reservation by Library Management System (LMS). He/She will be informed on receipt of the book in the library and given 5 days’ time to collect it, failing of which will mean that the book may be issued to the next borrower from the waiting list.

Loss of Books/Reading Materials/Official Publications

  1. Loss of Books/Reading Materials: Borrowers are responsible for all books/reading materials issued to them and will be required to pay the double of the present original price of any book lost or damaged. In the case of new, important and rare books/reading materials the cost to be realized will be up to three times the present price of the book. If the book is a part of a set containing more than one volume, the borrower will be required to pay for the whole set. If pages, illustrations/pictures are missing at the time of return, the borrower will be required to pay the cost of the whole book.

  2. Loss of Official Publications:
    1. In case of loss of restricted documents, a Court of Inquiry is to be held. The replacement cost, if realized from the individual concerned as per the recommendations of the court, will be deposited in the Government Treasury. The Treasury Receipt (TR) along with the findings of the court duly approved by Commandant will be forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer.

    2. In private and public cases, the replacement cost will be realized from the Individual concerned and deposited to the Government Treasury. The Treasury Receipt (TR) will be forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer at Dhaka Cantonment or MOD. In addition, a fine of 100% of the replacement cost will also be realized from the individual concerned, which will be utilized for purchasing reading materials for the library.

    3. Care and Maintenance by Readers:
      1. All reading materials are to be handled with utmost care to ensure long life.

      2. Defacing or writing notes/marking on books, pamphlets and periodicals are forbidden. If done, it will be considered, as wilful damage and the individual concerned will be charged the full replacement cost as fine. If pages, illustrations/pictures are found missing at the time of return, the borrower will be required to pay the full cost of the book. These amounts will be deposited to government treasury/private fund of MIST. The damaged material will be retained in the library and marked as such.