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Library Policy

  • Library policy is a guide line of the library by which library activities will be governed. It is not a fixed policy. This library policy may be reviewed, revised or upgraded by the Library Committee with the consent of the Commandant MIST as and when felt necessary. But the same shall have to be approved by the Academic Council of MIST before its implementation.



  • This Library policy was approved in the 14th meeting of Governing Body MIST held on 17 July 2008.
    [ Reference: Minutes of conference issued vied MIST Letter no: 1013/HQ Governing Body-14 ]
  • The policy was amended (Article 0122-Issue of Book to 2nd Class Officers and Article 124-Loan Issue of Text Books) as proposed by the library committee in the 32nd   meeting of Academic Council held on 19 Nov 20 09.
    [ Reference : Minutes of conference issued vied MIST Letter no : 2065/HQ/Aca/G Date 25 Nov2009 ]
  • The policy was further amended (Article 0104-Term of Reference of the library Committee and Article 0127 – Taking Books or other Documents (Hard/Soft Copy) without Consent of the Authority) as proposed by the library Committee in the 33rd meeting of Academic Council held on 06 May 2010.
    [ Reference : Minutes of conference issued vied MIST Letter no : 2065/HQ/Aca/G Date 18 May 2010 ]


Borrowing Policy

  •  Officers and other members (only pre-nominated ones) of their families may borrow books. Only English and Bengali fictions/books on hobbies and children books not more than 2 at a time will be issued to the readers for a maximum period of 7 (seven) days. 


  •  All permanent staffs (first class officers only), instructors and students may borrow books by filling up the Online Membership Card shown at Annex A and B. However 2nd class officers involved with practical classes (Lab and Workshop) may be issued with maximum two (02) books on the recommendation of concerned department /wing.


  •  The library will maintain the Individual Borrowers Cards by the Library Management System (LMS) shown at Annex C for record of issue. Library Card shown at Annex D will be issued to every member, which will be used for issue/receipt of books/reading materials. This card will be considered as an identity card of the members of the library.



Loan Policy

 Books are normally issued on loan from the library against the individual borrower’s card. Following procedures will be followed in respect of issuing books/reading materials on loan:

  •  Loan Issue of Text Books.    Text books/precis may be issued on loan to the students/instructors for the whole duration of each term. After completion of each term, books are to be returned. Minimum 1/2 copies of every title of books can be reserved in MIST Central Library.
  •  Loan Issue of Books other Than Text Books.
  •  New books will not be issued before those are classified/ catalogued (LMS database). 
  • Normally not more than 5 books are issued at a time. The normal loan period for books is 30 days. Reference books will be preserved unlimited as per as it is feasible. The students/teachers in any discipline may borrow any number of books as per their requirement for whole term/semesters. 
  • Members are required to see for each book borrowed on the book issued by the library staff.
  • Books are liable to be withdrawn before the date if required for any special purpose. 
  • When a student or permanent staffs leaves MIST permanently, he/she will be required to take clearance certificate from Assistant Librarian and Librarian.          
  • All books will be issued through prescribed library management system (LMS) of MIST central library.
  • If authority feels the necessity of deposing books/publication in the library, an individual borrower has to deposit issued books/publications immediately.  
  • Online Resources. The Borrower can use all online resources (e-books, e-journals, e-thesis paper) etc. at the campus and residential area (MIST LAN).