Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Loss of Books/Reading Materials/Official Publications:
Loss of Books/Reading Materials: Borrowers are responsible for all books/reading materials issued to them and will be required to pay the double of the present original price of any book lost or damaged. In the case of new, important and rare books/ reading materials the cost to be realised will be up to three times the present price of the book. If the book is a part of set containing more than one volume, the borrower will be required to pay for the whole set. If pages, illustrations/pictures are missing at the time of return, the borrower will be required to pay the cost of the whole book.
Loss of Official Publications:

  • In case of loss of restricted documents, a Court of Inquiry is to be held. The replacement cost, if realised from the individual concerned as per the recommendations of the court, will be deposited to the Government Treasury. The Treasury Receipt (TR) along with the findings of the court duly approved by Commandant will be forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • In private and public cases, the replacement cost will be realised from the Individual concerned and deposited to the Government Treasury. The Treasury Receipt (TR) will be forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer at Dhaka Cantonment or MOD. In addition a fine of 100% of the replacement cost will also be realised from the individual concerned, which will be utilised for purchasing reading materials for the library.

Taking Books or other Documents (Hard/Soft Copy) without Proper Authorization

  • If any person tries to take any books or other documents (Hard/Soft Copy) from the library without the proper consent of the authority or identified on the eve of taking, librarian or Assistant librarian will inform the matter to D (R&D) in writing.
  • After necessary investigation, Director (R&D) will forward the case to the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Disciplinary Committee will take necessary decisions considering the gravity of the Offence.
  • If any body cut or tear any page of any book, action will be taken according to library policy.

Care of Library Materials
Proper care of library materials is to be ensured by the library staffs and the users. Following are the guidelines
Care and Maintenance by Library Staffs:

  • All shelves are to be cleaned every day and books turned over fortnightly to ensure protection against damage by insects/fungus.
  • Weekly spray of insecticides and replacement of mothballs (naphthalene) must be done at least once in a month.
  • All worn out covers/spins of books and reading materials are to be regularly checked and repairs to be carried out as necessary.
  • While receiving, the counter personnel are to check the pages of borrowed reading materials for damage/defacing and report any such occurrence immediately to Librarian. A record of such damage is to be maintained in a separate register duly signed by the Librarian and the Director (R& D).
  • All lights/fans, air conditioner and electrical appliances used in the library are to be switched off prior to closing the library.

Care and Maintenance by Readers:

  • All reading materials are to be handled with utmost care to ensure long life.
  • Defacing or writing notes/marking on books, pamphlets and periodicals is forbidden. If done, it will be considered, as wilful damage and the individual concerned will be charged the full replacement cost as fine. If pages, illustrations/pictures are found missing at the time of return, the borrower will be required to pay full cost of the book. These amounts will be deposited to government treasury/private fund of MIST. The damaged material will be retained in the library and marked as such.

Library Security
Individual reader is to enter his/her name in the library register before entering the library. After working hours, all doors and windows of the library will be securely closed and the keys will be deposited to duty clerk for keeping in the key box. However, electronic security arrangement for the library materials is also available in limited scale.

Carrying Briefcase, Books/Pamphlets into Library
Briefcases, books/pamphlets, personal reading materials, etc are not to be carried into the library. However, in special circumstances loose sheets or class notes may be carried and the item is to be shown to the counter personnel during entry and exit.

Smoking and Eating Inside the Library
Smoking and eating of any food inside the library are prohibited.

Observance of Silence
Strict silence is to be observed inside the library at all times.