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Cochrane Library

Content Overview


The Cochrane Library is a collection of online searchable databases containing high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane Reviews represent the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical treatment decisions. In addition to Cochrane Reviews, The Cochrane Library provides other sources of reliable information, from other systematic reviews abstracts, technology assessments, economic evaluations and individual clinical trials all the current evidence in one single environment.


Title Listing

Subject Strengths


  • Evidence based medicine
  • Clinical trials


Service Strengths


  • Saved Search Alerts: Retrieve and re-run detailed search queries in My Profile or set Saved Search email Alerts to notify you whenever new content that matches the specified search is published online
  • Citation Tracking: Citation Tracking allows you to view published works that have cited an article you are currently reading

Canadian Science Publishing (operating as NRC Research Press)

Content Overview

Full text of 16 online peer-reviewed journals in a broad range of scientific disciplines with back files dating back to 2001 in most cases.


Title Listing

Subject Strengths


  • botany
  • cell biology
  • chemistry
  • civil engineering
  • earth science
  • fisheries and aquatic sciences
  • forestry
  • microbiology
  • physics
  • sport science
  • zoology


Service Strengths


Full text of all 16 NRC Research Press journals, 14 with full text going back to 2001

  • free Table of Contents alerting service available for all users, for all titles
  • Rapid Publication service ensures key articles are available in advance of the print schedule
  • supplementary data available for selected titles, providing enhanced information
  • comprehensive search functionality
  • linking to cited references

Cambridge University Press - Cambridge Journals Online

Content Overview:

Full text of over 323 Cambridge University Press Online Journals.

Title Listing:

Subject Strengths

  • Politics
  • Linguistics
  • Social Science
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Medicine

Service Strengths

  • CUP is the publishing division of the University of Cambridge.
  • The University of Cambridge is world famous for excellence in original research, (e.g. the discovery of the structure of DNA), and has won 81 Nobel Prizes, more than any other institution.
  • CUP is the oldest printing and publishing house in the world and is a registered not-for-profit educational charity.
  • Full text of 230 CUP Online Journals plus two free websites available
  • Free detailed abstracts, table of contents and email alerts for all users
  • Access to full-text of current and archived articles for subscribers.
  • Efficient online search capabilities.
  • HTML and PDF articles for easy displaying, printing and downloading
  • Reference linking to Cross Ref and Medline.
  • Usage statistics available to institution and country administrators.
  • Continuing access to journals from the subscription period.
  • OAI PMH, Metalib and SFX compatibility.
  • Atom and RSS feeds.
  • New search options have been developed, including:
  • Automatic matching of a journal title as a user types
  • Context-sensitive spelling corrections, suggests alternative spellings to words not matched in the initial search
  • Automatically saved searches with re-run and edit facilities
  • In the quick search box, search all content allows a search that is not just restricted to journal content, but includes the full CJO website.
  • CIDR IP Addresses - Administrators can now add CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) IP addresses.

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