Library Organization

The library is organised in the following sections:

  • Administration Section: This section is responsible for general administration of the library. This section is also responsible for keeping liaison with Dhaka University Library, BUET library and any other prominent libraries in order to facilitate inter-library loan facilities; and to enable MIST students to use their library services.

  • Acquisition Section: This section shall collect demand of books from faculties, assess requirement and availability of fund and arrange purchase.

  • Processing and Classification Section: After a book, journal, report, etc is acquired, it shall be classified and decision to be taken as to where to place the item. The item will also be properly catalogued and included in the search list in this section.

  • Circulation and Lending Section: This section is responsible for shelving, issuing and lending books. It will keep the record by the library management system of lending books. It will also arrange books according to the DDC classification system.

  • Reference Section: This section consists of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, research papers, internship reports, thesis, seminar papers, and all journals. This section will also maintain all reference copies as well as rare publications. Normally these items are not issued. However, required the portion of reference materials may be photocopied from the reproduction section if required.

  • Reproduction and Audio-Visual Section: This section is responsible for arranging photocopying facility demanded by Students /Staffs /Instructors.

  • Text Book Section: This section is to maintain all text books and supplement text materials for all courses. This section shall also preserve lecture notes prepared by the concerned instructor.

  • Archive Section: It is responsible for preserving and bound magazines and all publications. The user can make a photocopy from bound magazines on payment from reproduction section (if required).

  • Cyber Centre: In this centre, users can browse the Internet and can take print related materials on payment.

  • Classified Section: Military books and other related books which are not relevant to all users of the library and warrant security measures, will be kept here for the use of concerned personnel only.

  • ICT Section: This section is responsible for all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Library Management System (LMS) related works.

  • Family Corner Section: This section is to maintain all fiction related materials for officer’s families.

  • Liberation War Corner: This section is to maintain all liberation war-related books for library users.

  • Store Section: Non-essential/obsolete books/journals/percis/pamphlets etc may be stored in this section.