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About MIST Library

Central library was established in 1999, in order to fulfill the academic and research needs of the faculty, researchers, scholars, students and staff officers. It provides the wide area knowledge with the balanced resources in the fields of science & technology. It is an open library system to students of MIST, which provides rich collections of e-resources, books, including journals, newsletter, thesis works and CDs. Students can borrow unlimited text book from the library for 6 months and 5 other reference books for 30 days. At present, the library has more than 62,000 books, 90,000 online Journals, 1,400 CDs, 1,300 thesis paper and 215 repository items, about having reading room sitting capacity of more than 120. The book stock is arrange in a classified sequence based on the Dewey Decimal systems (DDC). The majority of volumes in the library are kept on open shelves. MIST Central Library has “Integrated Library System” using by open source software Koha, D-Space, VuFind and Drupal; ( The library has well equipped cyber center through which the students get the window of search for the e-resource.

Library Services: The central library is providing the following services:

  • Circulation Service- Book Issue Facilities for Long (6 month) & Short (1 month) Term Basis.

Reading Facilities.

  • Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Facilities.
  • E-Resources Access Facility through Bangladesh INASP-PERI Consortium, UGC Digital Library and Bangladesh Online Journal.
  • Current Awareness Services of newly acquired book and other resources.
  • Reference / Information Services.
  • Email & SMS Alert Services.
  • Audio-Visual Material Issue Facilities.
  • Photocopy Services.
  • Browsing & printing facilities through Cyber Centre.
  • Wi-Fi Services.
  • Reading facilities of Thesis paper, Journal, Magazine and Newspaper.
  • Plagiarism Checking Facilities.


Library Timing:


Ser Day Time


0800 hrs-2200 hrs
2. Saturday

1700 hrs-2200 hrs 


1. During preparatory leave and examination time, library remains open 7 days of the week from 0800 hrs-2200 hrs.

2. Closed on Friday & Government holidays.


The aim of the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Central Library is to provide relevant books and other reading materials to students of various courses, faculties and staff officers. General directions of the Central Library will be provided by the Library Committee.