Statistical Leakage Current Analysis of Trapezoidal Tri-Gate FinFET

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Show simple item record Afrin, Farhana Sanjidah, Syeda Titirsha, Twisha 2015-12-01T04:45:02Z 2015-12-01T04:45:02Z 2014-12
dc.description We would first like to express our deepest gratitude to our thesis supervisor, Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Kawsar Alam. His consistent encouragement, patient advice, and thorough guidance have been a key for us to accomplish this thesis. His high standards for innovation has always led us to work on the cutting-edge topics and execute them to the best of our abilities. We are thankful to him for giving us the opportunity to work on this topic and his invaluable guidance over the last year. The creative freedom given to us was the essential ingredient in turning this thesis into a successful venture. We are grateful to have him as our thesis supervisor, and are honored to be his thesis group. We would like to thank our Dean Capt M Mahbubur Rahman,(L),psc,BN, Head of the Department Gp Capt Dr. Mohammed Hossam-e-Haider and Class Coordinator A N M Didarul Alam for their generous advice on our research work. Their insightful suggestions helped us to carry out our work successfully. We would like to thank the faculty of the EECE Department at MIST for assistance they have provided us over the past year. Their numerous guidance and advice have deeply enhanced our chances for completion of thesis. We would also like to thank our fellow mates for all the support they gave us . Finally, we wish to thank our parents for their endless love and care. They have always been with us through the difficult times. Without their support and encouragement, this thesis would not have been possible. en_US
dc.description.abstract Leakage current due to process variation is a major issue for the devices technologies. Low leakage devices are a key enabler for long-life System-on-Chip applications with ultralow-power standby requirements. This thesis focuses on the study and development of statistical characteristics of Trigate trapezoidal FinFETs for the prediction of leakage current variation and its distribution using Monte-Carlo method. This paper propounds a statistical modeling approach for estimating the leakage distribution of trapezoidal shaped FinFETs (Tz-FinFETs) under random dopant fluctuation. The simulations have been performed using MATLAB. The purpose of a statistical leakage estimation tool is to get a specific leakage distribution of a FinFET device based on process inputs such as the mean threshold voltage (VTh) and standard deviation of VTh due to process parameter variation. The analysis consists of generating RDF in each fin of a multifin device which leads to an investigation of the impact of RDF on device characteristic and device evaluation. The width-dependent device leakage under atomistic random dopant fluctuation for Tri- gate FinFET could not be accurately modeled by conventional square-root approach. This thesis proposes a statistical leakage model which leads to a significant improvement of the leakage estimation. A comparative study of leakage current distribution of trapezoidal and rectangular FinFET reveals the advantages of trapezoidal FinFETs over rectangular FinFETs. We have also incorporated the effect of fin shape on leakage current. Leakage due to Short Chanel Effects(SCE) decreases as fin widths decreases. Statistical leakage currents due to process variation have been simulated for rectangular shape FinFETs (Re FinFETs) and triangular shape FinFET to compare their performance. Leakage Current increases in silicon on insulator FinFETs as the fin cross-sectional shape changes from rectangular to triangular to trapezoidal. The triangular and trapezoidal shape FinFET has better performance i.e low leakage current over conventional rectangular shape FinFET. Additionally this paper demonstrates the effect of number of fins on leakage current en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Military Institute of Science and Technology en_US
dc.subject Statistical Leakage, Current Analysis,Trapezoidal Tri-Gate FinFET en_US
dc.title Statistical Leakage Current Analysis of Trapezoidal Tri-Gate FinFET en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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